Summer, at its Peak.


Winter extended into Spring. Spring extended into summer. When the summer heat finally hit, it was already July 4th. And now, all of a sudden, summer is at its peak. 

Summer's peak is that two or three week period when the sun rises early and sets late, and in between the temperatures reach into the 80s and 90s, and you just let yourself sink into it. Most importantly, September is still too far away to start thinking about a normal work schedule, or the kids going back to school.  And so you sink into it again, and again. With the frenzy of Hamptons' activities available, it's great to see so many of our guests opt for a "no plan" kind of day.

Maybe a day like this begins with a late wake up, breakfast in bed and then some R&R around the Inn. The first venture out could be a ride on the Inn's bicycles down to Indian Wells Beach for a couple of hours, and then onto Amagansett Square. Maybe by the late afternoon you're back at the Inn, where we've picked up a late lunch from your favorite restaurant.  Summer at it's peak: lazy indulgences and carefree leisure.  

photo: Jess Dalene

photo: Jess Dalene


As each year passes,  the strolling in Amagansett gets better and better. Some of the newest additions to the neighborhood are found in Amagansett Square, including Wölffer Kitchen, Communitie East, French PresseBotanica Bazaar and Pink Chicken.  

Amagansett Square, a quick, ten minute walk from beautiful Indian Wells Beach, is a great place for shopping, snacking, coffee, dining, and spending time with family.  The shops often host small events, and the Square hosts free live music every Thursday, and Movie Night every Wednesday.  

photo: Eric Striffler

photo: Eric Striffler


Bites and dining in Amagansett Square and the village include Jack's Stir Brew Coffee, Hampton Chutney, Cavaniola's, Wölffer Kitchen, La Fondita, The Squeezery, Amber Waves Farmstand, Organic Crush, and Sotto Sopra. If you'd like to get even better acquainted with your food, visit one of our local farms. Amber Waves, Balsam and Quail Hill Farm are all in the neighborhood. 


Amagansett is also home to some incredible fashion and lifestyle brands. In Amagansett Square you'll find: Love Adorned, Botanica Bazaar, Pilgrim Surf Supply, Communitie East, Henry Lehr, Pink Chicken and French Presse.  On Main Street, you'll find Tiina, Ganeaux, Kabbaz, Innersleeve Records, and more. 


While temperatures during the day call for beach time, the evenings often have that classic cool you always hope for, perfect for relaxing at the Inn,  while watching the fireflies and listening to occasional fireworks from the Atlantic. And if you prefer to dance the night away, the Stephen Talkhouse, offers live music well into the morning hours. 

Ted Delano